Thursday, January 22, 2009

Faqs and Important Info

Want to be featured in Handmade Trends ? You can send me an email to

Make sure you put Handmade Trends in the subject of the email

Also please don't send me photos ! Send me links to photos !!!

I want to subscrive to the newsletter ?

You can sign up here 

or in any of the other subscrive posts ! Each month we will be giving away a gift for all our members !!

What kind of items and shops do you accept to be featured ?

We accept handmade shops only !

Specially shops of jewelry , clothes , toys , accessories , bath products , bags and purses ...

We don't accept supplies shops or mature shops for now!

What kind of different sections can I get items featured ?

You can get yours or other shops items featured in :

Gift Guides (gifts for mom , dad , a baby , boyfriend , girlfriend ...)

New collection (we show the new creations of one shop)

Handmade Trends (interesting trends in several kinds of items)

Dicope Finds (interview to a shop artist or designer )

Shop with Dicope (get your etsy mini here)

Wish List (items that you would like to get for your birthday or Christmas)

How can I get my wish list posted ? Send me an email with a list of links of the items you would like to get (This lists are made to be public , you can send them to your friends or family so they know what to buy you ... handmade trends won't get you any of them !)

Also maybe not all of the items in your list will be posted , don't send more than 10 items please ;D

What happends if I don't have an etsy shop ? Can I be featured ?
If you are a handmade artist but don't have an etsy shop you can also be part of Handmade Trends !!! Just send me an email with info of your creations and links to your blog , shop or photos .

I would like to trade links with Handmade Trends ? You are welcome to be part of this blog , just send me your link and I will post it in about a week

I made new items for my shop and I would like them to be in Handmade Trends ? How often can I send new items ??
You can send your new collections for autumn , winter , spring and summer ... so four times each year in total .
If you got a new item that you thin I will love you can send it too ^^
I'm a buyer that would like to recommend some shops I bought from ! What sould I do ?
Contact me with the links of this shops and why do you like each one and how good was the costumer service !!

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